QPaths (and QRoutes) integrates seamlessly with our in-house system allowing quick data migration. QPaths has saved time by allowing bulk assessments to be made on school intake data (providing provisional transport awards to eligible students). It also identified where new safe walking routes could improve local connectivity, save contracted resource, and reduce emissions. QPaths also has regular updates, and the team are supportive of our suggestions.

Joshua Dean
North Somerset Council

Redbridge Education and Inclusion department organised home delivery of free school meals to self-isolating children across the borough during term time. QRoutes helped our organisation to successfully deliver up to 400 meals per week, using a maximum of 9 voluntary delivery teams. QRoutes generated quick and efficient routes for drivers, that were easy to follow and rated highly amongst the teams. We used a maximum of 25 meals per vehicle, which were organised and delivered from a single depot. Using our data in Excel, it was easy to export into QRoutes and technical support was always available. QRoutes was an integral system to making this project work.

Sally Moore & Anju Awan
Redbridge Council

When planning manually, experience has taught me that you have to be cautious about driving times, to try to avoid exceeding the maximum recommended lengths of journey we work to. With QRoutes though, I’m confident that the route timings are robust, and this can mean that we are able to further maximise vehicle occupancy, if necessary.

Roger Haworth
Swindon Borough Council

It has been one big nightmare getting the children all back to school, although must admit would have been 10 times worse without QRoutes. [Sept 2020]

Lynnette Marks

Andrew has been an absolute delight and pleasure to work with. Not all suppliers are equal.

Eleanor Grieve
Scottish Borders

It is a extremely useful system and has certainly helped the team through the summer. The planning season has not been as frantic as other years and one of our schools said it had been the smoothest transition ever.

Sally Killip
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Delivering SEN services is not easy as there are so many conflicting interests at play and every day we are dealing with many different personal requirements. In the end QRoutes is a tool that saves us a lot of time simulating different potential options and that frees us up to deal with all those pressing service issues

Mike Keen
Sheffield City Council

We think total savings this year will exceed £300k. At one school it looks like we can reduce the number of contracts from 30 to 19.

Adrian Weissenbruch
Wiltshire County Council

QRoutes enables us to put a tender out to operators specifying the exact route and the pick ups so when we get tender responses back we’re comparing true like for like.

Aubrey Smith
Central Bedfordshire Council

QRoutes makes things so much quicker.

Margaret Oliver
Newcastle Council

Rob has been an absolute star and the School Transport team are totally in awe of QRoutes and what it can do for them. They are already exploring additional opportunities to develop our use of QRoutes system.

Hazel Dean
Central Bedfordshire Council

We found some interesting results. A 12.5% reduction in the number of contracts used, and an 5.84% increase in vehicle occupancy utilisation. We also started the planning and tender process later than we would normally. That allowed us to wait for the last-minute changes which often hampers the planning effort.

Dylan Owen
Leeds City Council

QRoutes makes the impossible possible.

Shane Bushell
Kent County Council

Saving [£1m] seemed impossible, but it’s looking like we might achieve this target with QRoutes.

Sean Jamieson
Aberdeenshire Council

“The support from QRoutes has been a huge help in enabling efficiencies with daily driver planning.”

Victoria Harper
Manchester City Council

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