SaaS means QRoutes users see new features automatically

Our customers subscribe to QRoutes on a ‘Software as a Service‘ (or SaaS) basis. This means that they have automatic access to new functionality as releases come online, without having to update versions locally.

Today is a new release day and when users login today, they will see a new version of QRoutes full of requested features, including

  • Quick Routing Tool – find the best route between two points
  • Street View – easily inspect the feasibility of certain routes by accessing street view from anywhere on the map
  • Depot Routing – include depots at the start or end of routes for improved overall efficiency
  • Height Restriction Overlay – set a vehicle height and understand where low bridges might impact a route
  • Vehicle Priority – prioritise which vehicles are included in the routing (for example an owned fleet before a contracted fleet)
  • Virtual Vehicle Type Fleets – create multiple vehicles of a single type, particularly useful for defining contractor fleets

If you’d like to find out more about how QRoutes could help you quickly and nimbly solve your routing challenges, please get in touch

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