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Bring clarity to your school transport budget setting with Snapshot

Snapshot is a consultancy service from QRoutes.

It includes a full review and analysis of your current transport provision. And gives you the insight you need for confident, strategic decision making in the face of increasing demand, carbon targets, and driver shortages

  • Metrics with meaning
    Get a clear picture of your total provision with KPIs and the option to drill down for more detail.
  • Automated analysis
    Our routing engine compares millions of options to reveal new ways to streamline your provision and improve client experience.
  • Review (and reveal)
    Share the insight with stakeholders to show the rationale for decision. Get buy-in for your budget goals and targeted action plan.

We can provide Snapshots both walking and driven routes, and for mainstream and SEN provision.

Test distance eligibility with QPaths

Fast, accurate, safe, QPaths is a new tool from QRoutes that enables planning teams to quickly assess home to school transport requests based on distance eligibility. 

Case study: North Tyneside Council improves efficiency of processing school transport applications

  • Fast – the tool processes hundreds of requests in minutes, saving planning teams hours of work.
  • Accurate – using Ordnance Survey’s Paths Network, QPaths has access to the UK’s most comprehensive walking network, finding routes other tools miss.
  • Safe – QPaths enables planners to define sections ‘unsafe’ sections of the network to be excluded from results, so QPaths only returns ‘safe’ distances.

NEW now includes catchment polygons and find closest school.

Plan home to school transport with QRoutes & QRoutes Lite

If you want to deliver the best possible service to home-to-school transport clients while delivering best possible value to the public purse, you need QRoutes. 

Fast, flexible, powerful, it helps planners approach the task of balancing the varied needs of passengers – from mainstream to Special Educational Needs and Disability – with clarity and confidence. 

Current QRoutes customers find that it 

  • Saves time – so they can focus on contract management
  • Save money – reducing the spend on contracts and delivering value to the authority
  • Creates happier teams –giving confidence about options and enabling clear communication with stakeholders
  • Reduces emissions – optimised routes minimise mileage and QRoutes enables CO2 reporting

See our case studies here or contact us to discuss further 

For smaller authorities, QRoutes Lite is a simplified version that includes core route optimisation and may better fit their budget. 

The table below summaries the differences between QRoutes & QRoutes Lite

FunctionalityQRoutes LiteQRoutes
Ordnance Survey address validation
Ordnance Survey mapping
Road speed calibration
Automated scheduling (single destination)
Find best route for new passenger
PDF route report with maps to share with stakeholders
Set sharing rules – who can travel with who
Assignment of passenger assistants
API for 3rd party system integration
Create/edit pick-up points
Automated pick-up point creation & assignment
Automated scheduling (multiple destinations)
Automated assignment to existing routes
Automated extension of existing plans

To discover how QRoutes Lite could help you deliver the savings you’re looking for, get in touch