How Pax-QR can make managing home-to-school transport easier

We recently hosted a webinar to give local authority transport teams a chance to find out how Pax-QR can help them work out the most efficient home-to-school journeys. 

Pax Systems created the transport data management system which integrates seamlessly with the QRoutes digital planning tool. Phil Dyson, from Pax, said it was a unique product and was designed “very specifically for local authority transport teams”. He explained they were able to do this because he and other Pax team members had worked in local authority transport planning departments.

Pax provides the cloud-based software to manage all the required data  – this includes customer and school details, contract management, financial information and operators. This data is then combined with QRoutes to optimise the routes.  

A flexible approach that integrates with existing systems

Phil said most councils dealt with their educational management and financial information differently and that “one size does not fit all”. Pax is able to integrate data management software with several systems such as Capita, Jalen, SEEMISgroup, SAP and Agresso.

In the webinar, Phil demonstrated how optimisation software offers the best value for home-to-school journeys, as planners can calculate the most efficient route allocation. And to make things even easier, there’s also a visual representation of the journey using maps.

When asked whether the software allowed for different arrival times for students at different times of the week, he said they could build in “any mix of times”. He added they were currently developing a specific timetable design with one of the local authorities who use Pax-QR.

The financial insight authorities need

With council budgets being under constant pressure, another advantage of the software is its financial forecasting system. This has been designed to give a flexible view on transport spend in different ways. For example, it’s possible to look at contract spend against eligibility or even from a seat type or service area. 

It’s also possible to see the forecast in a single report, allowing the authority to compare one month to the next, which can support monthly budget processing. This allows teams to provide a monthly update and forecast to the corporate finance team.

A popular question at the webinar was about compliance workflow and how that could be accessed. Phil explained the system includes a process for recording all of the compliance steps and this can be used on one single issue, which can then be updated. Or if a new issue arises, a new compliance tab can be opened. 

If you missed the broadcast, you can access it by getting in touch or sign up for the next webinar on Tuesday 29th June at 9.30am, when Pax will be presenting again.