Delivering services and savings in Kent

It’s no secret that local authorities in the UK face ever tightening budgets and the ongoing challenge of delivering the services their constituents need at lower costs.

In that context, Phil Lightowler, Head of Public Transport for Kent County Council, has this to say about QRoutes:

The feedback from the team is using QRoutes is very positive.  They like the results it is producing, they like its user friendliness and most of all they like the fact that they can do a re-plan quickly. 

The Summer re-tendering program has gone through QRoutes and is out with schools for comment.  Initial results are very positive and it may just help us deliver what is a very, very challenging budget.  So the package is doing everything you said it would.   We are very pleased.

KCC cropWe have now got an agreed re-tendering program which will see the whole of our SEN Transport network re-tendered over two years. We couldn’t do this if we didn’t have QRoutes, as there would be too much planning for the team. – When you consider how long it took our consultant to do three schools and he was a dedicated resource, we are doing 7 big schools for Jan alone.

In short, QRoutes is helping Kent County Council meet the challenge of delivering the services required within budget. Something they wouldn’t have been able to do without it.

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