ATCO – Falkirk report

A picture of the ATCO meeting in Falkirk

Last week, QRoutes Business Development Director, Jeff Duffell, presented at the ATCO Training Day in Falkirk.

ATCO Vice Chair, Tim Stephenson, said,

“In these times of austerity, we must make sure that we make the best use of every penny in meeting the transport needs of our residents. We therefore need to ensure that we are identifying our residents’ exact needs. This years training day is all about providing you with the tools to identify those needs.”

Jeff explained to representatives from at least 10 Scottish authorities how QRoutes works and how its power and flexibility can deliver significant cost savings for schools transport provision.

ATCO, the Association of Transport Coordinating Officers, is a membership organisation that brings together local authority officers whose work includes responsibilities for passenger transport to promote partnership, engagement and knowledge sharing.

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