Welcome to QRoutes

QRoutes is a routing engine designed to meet the needs of local authorities planning schools and SEN transport. It harnesses the full-potential of information technology in an online tool and leaves out the baggage of expensive, bloated and hard-to-maintain systems. The result is nimble and powerful.

What we are about

The QRoutes Mission

QRoutes’ mission is to give our customers the power to cut costs whilst continuing to deliver great – or even better! – services.


QRoutes’ philosophy is to offer our products for a simple, low subscription fee.


QRoutes listens carefully to our users. What works? What doesn’t? Tell us what functionality you want and we’ll work hard to deliver it.

Meet our team

David Stewart

David Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

David is a maths PhD who enjoys building tools to optimise the design and delivery of transport systems.

Rob Robertson

Rob Robertson

Chief Support Officer

Rob has 25 years of experience in logistics software. He manages product development and supports and advises our customers.

Liz Davidson

Liz Davidson

Chief Marketing Officer

Liz is an engineer with over 10 years experience in intelligent mobility and strong commitment in the societal benefits of improved transport for all.

Andrew Fish

Chief Customer Officer

Andrew brings over 25 years experience in transport technology systems.

Jeff Duffell

Jeff Duffell

Business Development Advisor

Jeff is passionate about providing planners with truly effective tools. He previously founded and ran Mobisoft UK.