A distraction for when our users are distracted

A magnifying glass brings trees in a forest into sharp focus

Sometimes it is wearisome living through a pandemic. As a society we are suffering everything from anxiety about going outside to boredom from being inside to Zoom fatigue (yes, it’s a thing). 

Sometimes we’re fine, sometimes we’re angry, other times we’re weepy. It is an emotional rollercoaster. And while we cannot get off, we can think about something else for a while. 

So alongside doing what we can to support the emergency response effort [hyperlink to covid story], we wanted to do something to keep our users’ spirits up. A little distraction for when they are feeling distracted. 

We devised (that’s a ‘royal’ we. Jeff deserves the credit) a little treasure hunt. We have hidden six saplings in the QRoutes interface. When users find one, the clue for the next one appears. 

illustration of a sapling tree

The saplings look like this =>

The team at Hampshire worked together and were the first to send in the list of the locations.

But it is not a competition, as such. We are still encouraging our users to have a go. For every winning solution, we will donate at least one tree to World Land Trust up to a maximum of £500, as part of our commitment to reduce environmental impact. 

It is just a bit of fun while we all muddle through the ongoing abnormal, a little extra social connection while we’re all physically distant. If you’re a user, please take a look and have a go. The more correct answers, the more trees. 

We’ll report back on the results later in the year.